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What we do?
Communicate simple and efficient to your customers, your services or products that you make available through a website. A website is probably the most effective way to get in touch with potential customers, because you can put within reach your business contact information and also a portfolio of products or projects completed.
Web Design
Do you want a professional website, easy to navigate, which guides visitors to explore your business product or service? Carpatsoft designers help you to design your brand and translate your business into a delightful website that demonstrates professionalism and provides confidence in your products or services. An easy navigation and a good design always keep customer’s attention to your business, which is a big plus.
Graphic Design
Every business should have a visual identity. That meants that it should to be recognizable by a logo, a color, a word or a mark. For the success of your company, or for the creating a brand for your product you MUST create a visual identity. Our creative and well experienced graphic designers are here to help you accomplish your goal: to make your customers remember you.
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What do you get?
A well optimized website is mandatory for the perfection that we aim. A beautiful website is nothing if it doesn’t run perfectly and doesn’t give the best experience possible. At Carpatsoft we guarantee the performance of our products with our respect. We try to find the best of solution for the every project and every problem. In fact, this is what we do: we create simple solutions to complicated problems.
Transparency is another quality of us, because we aim to keep you up to date with progress of your project and we try to make you understand all the steps that composes your project. We answer to any question related to your project friendly and patience, and we give you all the control over the decisions that are needed to take.
Low price
Keeping the price low gives us a big advantage over concurrence. We make our services affordable to small businesses, medium businesses, even for young entrepreneurs, because we know that you want to keep the costs down, or if you are on the beginning of the road, you simply don’t have much money. We will be a perfect fit you. Talk to us.
Offers? We have
Free Domain
Free Hosting
Free consulting
*after that amount of period domains will cost 9.49€/$12.45 per year and hosting will be 1€/$1 per month.
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